Changing quality of life

 Anacalypis (ανακάλυψις) is the greek word for discovery. 

This perfectly describes our work – the discovery of novel therapeutics strategies to achieve our vision in which neurodegenerative diseases are controllable, treatable and curable.

Our company constitutes a discovery and development platform for biotechnology innovation focusing on therapeutic discovery and biomarker development, targeting incurable

brain diseases.


With causative treatment approaches for neurodegenerative diseases years away from the clinic, our principal ambition is to improve both quality of life  and brain health of patients; with the ultimate goal of halting the progression of these diseases.

Our goal is to develop  tools that will accelerate the identification of people at risk and monitor disease progression, while simultaneously creating new, innovative disease-modifying therapeutic strategies with  the potential to reverse neurodegeneration.


Our Team

Our team, consists of a group of neuroscientists with deep experience in preclinical in vivo and in vitro research.

We have combined our passion for translating scientific knowledge into solutions for every day life problems, to fight against neurodegeneration.

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